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School Profile

Siddharth Village School has a holistic approach to education.




> Creating an atmosphere of love and freedom


> Motivate to achieve academic excellence without the pressure of reward, punishment or comparison


> Help the child understand the self and consequently understand the outer world


> Nurture the confidence and inner security levels of the child in order to face the challenges of life effectively and efficiently



> SViS recognized the need to evolve out of the “information” based education system into a “Wisdom” based education.


> Much research has been carried out in the field of learning and it has been established that 80% of the brain growth takes place early in life and therefore it is imperative that awareness about feelings, thinking and intelligence are created in the child as early as possible.


> Being aware of the evolving physiological, social and emotional needs ,the school provides opportunities  to fulfill the needs and helps the child to be a self- actualized individual.



> The school has well equipped Science, Computer, Mathematics, AV and Language laboratories.

> Language lab – developing language skill such as Phonic training,pronunciation,Recitation and focused listening.

> Mathematics lab,Science lab and composite science lab-developing experimental temperament of the students with hands on experience of Mathematics and Science concepts.

> AV labs with LCD projectors/Interactive board facility for audio visual teaching.

> The school teaches pottery, art ,clay modeling, clay making, re-cycling and paper craft for practice of spatial composition and integration of 5 R’s.

> Paper Recycling unit is set up at school for recycling used papers into useful products like file, bag ,recycled Eco-friendly dustbins etc.,.

Attention on Slow Learners: The greatest challenge to an educator is to identify the learning difficulties of the slow learners (TLC – Tender, Love and Care) and help them overcome it. Creating a healthy and conducive environment for a slow learner is of utmost importance to improve their pace. So, specially planned strategies are imbibed in the lesson plans to help the slow learners.

World We Want Design Education(WWWDE)  2018-2019

World We Want design Education

WWWDE is universal in scope and local in application. This training program is integrated with academic education based on the world view, social, ecological and economic dimension of sustainability


World View Dimension

Intensive orientation sessions on life purpose, attitudinal changes for happy life, achievement and other motivations, goal setting, values, vision and self care including taming the mind techniques

Social Dimension

Responding to life and conflict/problems, conflict transformation/problem solving techniques, leadership and empowerement , communication skill and non-violent communication and assertive behavior

Ecology Dimension

Permaculture, green building techniques, renewable energy and climate change issues