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Scholastic Activities

  1. The school follows the guidelines given by the CBSE for classes I to X.
  2. The school regards education as of prime significance in the communication of that which is central to the transformation of the human mind and the creation of a new culture. The school follows an approach in which the teacher and the taught function at the same level-communicating through questioning and counter-questioning till the depths of the problem are exposed and understanding is revealed, illuminating the mind of both. SVIS imparts education wherein students learn from the lap of nature. We ask them to pay attention as it is different from concentration. When the child looks at the tree and sees the shadows, the slight breeze among the leaves, the shape of the tree, the proportion of the tree in relation to other trees, the quality of light that penetrates through the leaves, the light on the branches and the trunk- the child learns the totality of the tree.
  3. Participation in seminars, symposiums, discussions, publications, dramatics, public speaking and other activities that enhance concentration and classroom learning, enable students to acquire learning skills required for an overall intellectual, psychological and social growth. The values and life skills are incorporated in all our teaching-learning activities


In the Kindergarten, evaluation is done on a day-to-day basis through worksheets based on the syllabus taught. The overall performance of the child is assessed at the end-of-the-year. They are also exposed to weekly reviews. This assessment is based on small portions covered during the course of the week and give a comprehensive picture of the child’s grasping and retention of the concepts. The end of the year evaluation of these monthly reviews helps in assessing the overall performance of the child .
From Classes I-X, the school follows the semester system. The year is divided into two terms. Evaluation of student’s performance is done based on periodical assessments and consolidated worksheets .Knowledge, skill and attitude plays a vital role in student’s holistic development. Competencies of skill and ability like – team work, leadership qualities, decision making, presentation skill, problem solving ability, comprehension skill are evaluated through continuous observation and constant feedback.