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How many terms are there in one academic year ?

There are 2 terms in one academic year.

Does the school provide transport to the school ?

Yes, the school has transport system in place for students who need to avail of the facility.

What are the bus stages provided by the school ?

Avalapalli, Basti,Basti Kalyana mandapam,GKD nagar,Bagalur housing board, Lakshmi narayana nagar,Thendral nagar,Brindavan nagar,Samathuvapuram,Thirupathi nagar,Akila garden, Meenakshi nagar,Thillai nagar,Vasanth nagar,Old bus stand,Bhathalapalli,Mullai nagar,Rayakottai housing board & circle,Meera mahal,Murugan temple,Bharathidasan nagar,Dinnur,DSP bungalow,Railway station,Ragavendra theatre,Government hospital,GRT,Pallavi stores,NGGOs,Water service,TVS nagar,Eden garden,Muneeswar nagar,VOC nagar,Blue star,Thirupathi nagar,Teacher colony,Moovendar nagar,Venkatesh nagar,Arunagiri complex,vaishnavi nagar,Dharga,Pandian stores,LAL,ESI,Chittanapalli,Krishna nagar,Chinna elasagiri,Anand nagar,Thanigai nagar,KCC nagar.

How future ready is the school ?

The students are taught to

(a) Adapt to uncertainty and change

(b) Work successfully in groups and think critically to solve problems

(c) Tolerate ambiguities

(d) Learn,unlearn and relearn

How skilled are the teachers ?

(a) The teachers in the school have on an average 11-25 years experience

(b) The teachers undergo periodic professional development (in service ,CCE workshops,Subject specific training program and so on)to keep themselves abreast of the latest methods of teaching and learning

Does learning happen outside the classroom ?

(a) What percentage of the school week is typically spent in the classroom and what percentage in labs and sports?

75% of school week is spent in the classroom and 25% spent in labs and sports

(b) Do children go on field trips or visits to local museums?

The students are taken for field visits to different places at Hosur related to their topics like small scale industries, sericulture unit,Farmers market,railway station,Post office, Bank, Village,Fire station, weavers street and so on The students are also taken to Educational tour for a week (classes VIII-X)

Are children encouraged to help those who need it ?

(a)Every year, the students donate rice bags, oil,dal,sugar,fruits and sweets to five orphanages and an old age home at Hosur

(b)Students and Staff of SViS readily help the people who are affected by natural calamities every year. The school donated Rs 35000/- towards the victims of phailin cyclone in odisha(2013-14) The school donated Rs 51388/- towards the victims of flood in Jammu and kashmir(2014-15). The school donated Rs 70000/- toward the victims of flood in Chennai(2015-2016)

Are children engaged via hands-on activities or experiential learning methods ?

Yes, the school insists on activity oriented teaching which promotes experiential learning for the students. Individual and group projects like trans disciplinary, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary are given for the students.

How is technology used in the school ?

The school provides digital and ICT aids(smart classes). Teachers use variety of digital aids like images, video and PPT presentations are given to augment their teachings

How values such as kindness ,politeness and giving are practiced at school ?

(a)Values are practiced day in and day out within the school-from the management and principal who address the children at the podium to the teachers who interact with the children for one-third of the childs day to even the support staff.

(b)Value based assemblies are conducted with a theme selected for each month.

(c)Value education classes are conducted every week and activities from value cards given by CBSE are conducted.

Are children encouraged to look on the internet and visit the school or library, and to use the information they find in their learning ?

Yes, the school has one library period every week and class library is arranged in each class for easy access of the books.

Specified home lessons are given to the students to surf the internet and are asked to present their learning in the form of group discussion and report presentation.

The students are made aware of plagiarism.